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ECHOES OF THE BARBARY COAST New roll arranged by Art Reblitz (Click on the tunes to hear them play) 1.   Black Bottom, Stomp 2.   The Grizzly Bear Rag 3.   The Bunny Hug Rag 4.   The Entertainer's Rag 5.   Cripes! 6.   Texas Tommy Swing, Two Step 7.   The Frisco Rag 8,   On San Frisco Bay 9.   King Chanticleer 10.  Sphinx Rag 05/31/2017 $129.95 +$5.00 postage

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(Click on the tunes to hear them play) 1. The New Orleans Hop Scop Blues 2. I Ain't Got Nobody 3. Bull Frog Blues 4. Don't Say Nothing 5. Blue Note Rag 6. It's Hard to Find a Loving Man That's True 7. The Coburn Blues 8. No Matter What You Do 9. Norfolk Blues 10. Long Long Time Before You See My Face Again 7/20/2017 $85.00 +$5.00 postage

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Capitol Music Roll Co. THE FIRST 5 TUNES ARE PLAYED BY JIMMY BLYTHE (Click on the tunes to hear them play) 1.   Society Blues 2.   It’s Hot, Leave It Alone 3.   Fast Strut Blues 4.   Alley Rat Blues 5.   Butcher Shop Blues 6.   Nothin’ Does Does 7.   Black Maria 8.   Birth of the Blues 9.   Sunset Twist 10.  Slue Foot $85.0 + $5.00 shipping updated 7/20/2107

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. "BRIMFULL O' HARMONY" 1.   It Goes Like This, Fox Trot 2.   I Must Have That Man, Fox Trot 3.   Blue Shadows, Fox Trot 4.   You're My Old Fashioned Sweetheart, Waltz 5.   Flower of Love, Fox Trot 6.   How Long--How Long Blues 7.   There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Fox Trot 8.   Forever, Waltz 9.   I'm Sorry Sally, Fox Trot 10.  My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now, Fox Trot 04/10 $48.00

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BORDERLAND REQUEST (Click on the tunes to hear them play) 1.  Alla En Rancho Grande, Cancion 2.  Siboney, Tango 3.  Estudiantina, Vals 4.  Orquidas En La Luz DeLa Luna, Tango 5.  Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado, Rhumba 6.  Morir Sonando, Vals 7.  La Cucaracha, Rhumba 8.  Tango De Rosas, Tango 9.  Carioca, Tango 10. Adios, Rhumba 07/20/2017 $85 + $5 shipping

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