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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. "BRIMFULL O' HARMONY" 1.   It Goes Like This, Fox Trot 2.   I Must Have That Man, Fox Trot 3.   Blue Shadows, Fox Trot 4.   You're My Old Fashioned Sweetheart, Waltz 5.   Flower of Love, Fox Trot 6.   How Long--How Long Blues 7.   There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Fox Trot 8.   [...]

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Columbia Music Roll Co. All Hit Roll 1.   I'll Say She Does 2.   The Rose of No Man's Land 3.   I've Got the Blue Ridge Blue 4.   Till We Meet Again 5.   Bone Dry, Fox Trot 6.   The Worst Is Yet to Come 7.   Smiles 8.   Jack O' Lantern 9.   Smile, Smile, Smile 10.  Everything [...]

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. SPONTANEOUS SONG SUCCESSES 1.  Someone to Admire, Someone to Adore, Fox Trot 2.  Anything You Say! Fox Trot 3.  Come Back Chiquita, Waltz 4.  Ten Little Miles from Town, Fox Trot 5.  I'd Rather Cry, Fox Trot 6.  Memories of France, Waltz 7.  He's Worth His Weight in Gold, Fox Trot [...]

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. PHENOMENAL FAVORITES 1.   Gid-ap Garibaldi, One-step 2.   You Don't Like It, Not Much, Fox Trot 3.   One Sweet Letter From You, Fox Trot 4.   Positively - Absolutely, Fox Trot 5.   Havana, Fox Trot 6.   I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now, Fox Trot 7.   Broken Hearted, Fox Trot 8.   You Should See [...]

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. AN EAR FULL OF HARMONY 1.  Chamberlin and Lindy, One-Step 2.  You Should See My Tootsie, Fox Trot 3.  Nobody But My Baby, Fox Trot 4.  Hawaiian Mother O' Mine, Waltz 5.  Dear Eyes That Haunt Me, Fox Trot 6.  The Same Old Moon, Fox Trot 7.  My Connecticut Gal, Fox [...]

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. RADIO FAVORITES 1.   Sunday, Fox Trot 2.   I'm Always Dreaming Sweet Dreams of You, Dear, Fox Trot 3.   From Now On, Fox Trot 4.   I'm Painting Your Face on the Moon, Waltz 5.   Short an' Sweet, Fox Trot 6.   Where Do You Work-a, John? One-step 7.   Thinking of You, Fox Trot [...]

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CLARK ORCHESTRA ROLLS "A Barrel of Musical Fun" 1.   You're the One I Care For, Fox Trot 2.   Something To Remember You By, Fox Trot 3.   I Miss A Little Miss, Fox Trot 4.   When A Black Man's Blue, Fox Trot 5.   When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver, Waltz 6.   On a Little Balcony [...]

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CLARK ORCHESTRA ROLLS Tunes That "Make Good" 1.   I Am Only the Words, Fox Trot 2.   Crying Myself to Sleep, Fox Trot 3.   Baby's Birthday Party, Fox Trot 4.   Under the Spell of Your Kiss, Fox Trot 5.   Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally, Waltz 6.   Ridin' But Walkin', Fox Trot 7.   After All You're All I'm [...]

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AUTOMATIC MUSIC ROLL CO. TOP KNOTCH HITS 1.   I Wish't I Was in Peoria, Fox Trot 2.   Spanish Shawl, Fox Trot 3.   Lonesome Hawaii, Waltz 4.   It Must Be Love, Fox Trot 5.   To-Morrow Mornin', Fox Trot 6.   Lonesome, Fox Trot 7.   Pearl of Hawaii, Waltz 8.   Breezin' Along to Georgia, Fox Trot 9.   Take [...]

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