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Music Roll – Nickelodeon Rolls – Calliope Rolls

 “JAZZOLA” brand nickelodeon, orchestrion and calliope Music Rolls–sold by JOHNNY’S MUSIC ROLLS — sound BETTER than other rolls on your automatic piano because they are EXACT copies of original rolls, and made on the MOST MODERN precision perforator.  They are the ONLY coin piano rolls restored to accuracy BETTER than that of the original roll. Before a roll is reproduced, it is compared note-for-note to the original to insure an EXACT copy. We are the ONLY company that does this.  Our rolls are acknowledged by our customers (and competitors) to be “THE BEST” rolls available for “A” and “G” machines. New titles are dated as added. 

A-0041 “Echoes of the Barbary Coast” by Art Reblitz – IN STOCK

G-0026 “Echoes of the Barbary Coast” by Art Reblitz – IN STOCK

music roll A-0044



We have a large selection of original titles from the teens, 20s and 30s.


We accept PayPal; call for credit card sales.

Johnny’s Music Rolls
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